Southern Gospel Trust Fund

What is the Gospel Music Trust Fund?

The Trust Fund was founded in 1983 by the late Herman Harper former member of the Oak Ridge Boys and President of The Harper Agency, a major booking agency for gospel artists. It exists to provide financial assistance, in the event of an emergency or major catastrophe, terminal or severe illness, to individuals who have derived a substantial portion of their income from the field of Gospel music.

The Gospel Music Trust Fund was developed through generous donations and fundraising activities by numerous Gospel music artists, songwriters and musicians, major music companies and publishers, and caring fans. The Trust Fund has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to artists, writers, musicians and business professionals in need from all genres of Gospel music.

The Purpose of the Gospel Music Trust Fund

The Purpose of the Gospel Music Trust Fund is to give financial assistance in the nature of gifts in time of need, in the event of an emergency or major catastrophe, terminal or severe illness without efficient insurance, to individuals who derive or have derived a substantial portion of their income from the field of gospel music. An individual requesting assistance within the purpose of the Trust Fund, for themselves or their children must have ten years of full-time employment within the Gospel/Christian music field.

How does the Trust Fund work?

Requests for financial assistance should be made in writing to the Gospel Music Trust Fund. All requests are reviewed and considered by the GMTF trustees and are kept in the strictest of confidence. Financial assistance meeting the Trust Fund guidelines and approved by the trustees is paid directly to the applicant’s creditors.

How can I help?

Contributions to the Gospel Music Trust Fund are tax deductible and can be made to honor loved ones or in lieu of flowers as a memorial to individuals.

Make your check or money order payable to: The Gospel Music Trust Fund
Post Office Box 932. Brentwood, Tennessee 37024

Board of Trustees

Bill Gaither
Gerald Wolfe
Amy Grant
Ken Harding
Ed Harper
Terry Hemmings
Darrell A. Harris
EJ Gaines
Velvet Kelm
Paul Sizelove
Roger Holmes
Roland Lundy
Jackie Patillo

President, Gaither Management Group
Manager, Lead Vocalist for Greater Vision
Recording Artist
President, New Haven Records
President, The Harper Agency
President and CEO, Provident Music Group
Writer and Chaplain
Vice President, CCMG/Motown Gospel
Owner and President, The Media Collective
Vice President, Gaither Music Group
Owner and President, Sierra Management and The Alliance Agency
Partner, The Buffkin Group
Executive Director, Gospel Music Association







Stories from Trust Fund Recipients...

“Our family has been blessed to be both on the giving and receiving ends of the Gospel Music Trust Fund. At a time in our lives when we faced medical bills of life-altering status, the Trust Fund was right there for us, with both financial and spiritual support. We never realized what a difference giving to this fund could make for so many people. Roger requested, on his death, to direct all memorials to this fund. We are proud to honor him, and so many others who give of themselves in the Southern Gospel Music field.”

Debbie Bennett, wife of Roger Bennett former piano player of Cathedral Quartet, co-founder of Legacy Five

“When I faced a life threatening illness and the overwhelming cost of longterm medical treatments, the Gospel Music Trust Fund came quickly and helped shoulder the burden. The hope-giving spirit of the Gospel comes alive in a special way in the work of the Gospel Music Trust Fund.”

Dave Perkins, musician, songwriter, record producer

“Please accept my sincere gratitude to the Gospel Music Trust Fund for the financial blessing in my time of need. God has been good to me and at the point in my life where everything looked dim, your organization assisted me with my outstanding bills. It’s such a great feeling knowing that God’s children are available to lend a helping hand. I truly THANK GOD for your huge hearts and love for me.”

Olivia McClurkin, Gospel music artist

“Somewhere in the midst of my broken life, like so many others had done and would do, Joe Moscheo reached out to me. He offered to ask for help from the Gospel Music Trust Fund. I felt embarrassed and ashamed that my life would be laid bare before these people who had been my peers. This shouldn’t be happening to me. But it was. The gift that was arranged enabled me to stay a while longer in the home in which we raised our children. The quiet gift enabled me to start a long process of recovering my life and dignity for the sake of my family and those I might be blessed to serve.”

Steve Brallier, Gospel music executive

Gospel Music Trust Fund

Post Office Box 932 | Brentwood, Tennessee 37024
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